Hi, my name is Andrew and I am an amateur radio enthusiast.

I passed my Foundation in June 2018. but have since passed my Intermediate Exam the following month. So I have now moved from M6ONH, which was my first callsign to.

My current callsign is 2E0ONH.


I am also now doing the BATH distance learning and will again be sitting an exam in December 2018 for the Full license which will afford me a M0 _ _ _ callsign, all things going to plan...

Sitting in A320 at Stansted

This website is a way for me to share my own experiences, explain how I became interested in Amateur radio, information about current events I am attending, and hopefully spark some new people into taking up the hobby.

I will be trying to run a blog with regular updates on the topics, and probably a few more random things, at least a few times a month.

Anyway, for now 73's

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