New QTH Shack set up

July 1, 2018 0 By Andrew

So I work from home sometimes so I have set up a home office, which has rapidly been taken over with Radio Gear and Soldering Irons. . .

As you can see its far from idea for either work or hobby!  So the time has come to reorganise and rebuild the office come shack...


I will be posting updates on the build and welcome any feedback or suggestions along the way.

(It may take longer than I like as I'm 10 days from sitting my intermediate exam!)



Update 6th July.


So some good progress.. I have replaced the small desk with a much larger bench desk giving me 3meters of desk space. Now I can separate my work area from the radio area, as well as having a place for electronics.

I have also got the 2M/70cm Colinear antenna properly installed on the apex of my roof, the cable has all been replaced with UltraFlex 7 co-axial cable with good quality connectors.

Using my new Antenna Analyser the antenna is perfectly matched to the right band and has a VSWR of 1.1:1 at 145.400 .

My first call out on 145.500 calling channel was responded to by a chap in Sittingbourne Kent and gave me a solid 5/9+ report. Very good on 10watts.


I am also now working on the G7FEK HF antenna, and will post more over the weekend...

Update: 13th July


So now my Intermediate exam is out of the way, I can focus on getting builds and posts done.

I have now installed my G7FEK at the QTH and still needs a little bit of tweaking but seems to be working well.

Ill post a separate build blog on this, and also have a review of one of CARS, club radios which is up for sale. an FT747 HF 100w transceiver.


Update: 2nd August

So things have slowed down, but the new set up is up and working...

Work has been a challenge for me lately, so has meant that I have made the decision to leave my full time job and focus on growing my Business.

This had lead to less time on the radio and more time working to pay for the radio!

But the new desk layout as shown is working well, the 857D is working well with the G7FEK

73's for now