About Me

I'm Andrew, 43 year old with an mix of hobbies and interests.

I was born in Essex, lived in Central London throughout my 20's and early 30's before leaving the rat race and returning to Essex. Now based in Chelmsford where I live with my partner and two cats.

I work in the Business Technology sector and current work in the Automotive sector, as well as running my own Communications and Technology business called CloudTree.

I travel lots with my day job all over Europe, so don't be surprised to find me at an airport ! I spend more time in them some weeks than I do at home!

For 12 years between 2006 and 2018 I worked as a volunteer police officer with Essex Police as a Special Inspector. I could fill a whole website with stories! But to protect the innocent(and not so innocent) ill leave them for another day....

Sitting in A320 at Stansted



Age : 43

Born: Basildon, Essex

Live: Chelmsford, Essex

Work: Business Technology




Amateur Radio


Astro Photography


Most likely to say:


"Go big or go home"

"Why buy one when you can buy two"

"I'll keep that it might come in handy"