Project Ideas

This page has a list of the project ideas, I currently am thinking of building but have either not yet started or completed. Feel free to submit any ideas you have that you think would make a good project or if you have any comments or suggestions on the projects I have.

2M Portable Yagi

Whilst I put together a simple tape measure yagi which I had some limited success with. I want to build a more robust portable YAGI for the 2M and 70CM bands.

Arduino based TNC and Raspberry PI APRS Digipeater

With the ability to operate this portable, I want to build a APRS Digipeater with the ability to display on a TV the received APRS Packets. This is something I am building for use with RAYNET.

Portable Rotator

Again to work with the portable Yagi I would like to build a portable rotator based on a 12v system using either stepper motors or DC Motor with direction feedback.

Model 2 of the Repeater Timer, with LCD Display

A more advanced Arduino Repeater Timer with additional features and a screen to see the countdown timer in Seconds.

Arduino CAT Controller

I have seen a few projects on-line where people have linked their radios with Arduino's to provide various additional remote features. A big LCD Display of frequency, Ability to call up set frequencies, event driven radio control, maybe linked with DX Clusters. to automatically tune into distance station.